T-Shirt - "Goat" Logo

Coming soon!
Black. Ringspun. Slim. 
What's more Rock & Roll than a fucking goat?
(Goat image included). $14.99 (+ shipping)


T-Shirt - "Wings" logo

Men's & Ladies sizes.
Modern fit, preshrunk. 
Heathered, dark gray shirt with "Wings" logo in super-masculine yellow.
And a reminder that BBT delivers "Kick-Ass Power Rock & Roll".
Totally tits! $14.99 (+ shipping)


T-Shirt - "Superbitch"

Para chicas y hombres.
Slim & sexy.
Ringspun, black shirt with the "Superbitch" car.
"Brew City, USA" text.
This thing will get you laid! $14.99 (+ shipping)


T-Shirt - "Silhouette" Logo

Men's & Ladies.
Modern fit.
Ringspun, super-soft white shirt with "Silhouette" logo.
Simple, and cool as shit. $14.99 (+ shipping)


Goat Logo Sticker

Coming soon.
4" Circle.
Hand-crafted from real goat polymer.
Totally pagan!
$1.99 (+ shipping)

Wings Logo Sticker

6"x4" die-cut vinyl.
Super-sweet 31st century design.
This would look killer on your thermos.
$1.99 (+ shipping).