Hibernation Termination

by Black Belt Theatre

Released 2014
Released 2014
The debut album from Black Belt Theatre is a collection of kick-ass power rock & roll songs. A very modern approach, but with heavy doses of late 70's power rock, and a dash or two of early punk. Ballsy, fun, melodic and to the point.
  • 03:49 Lyrics Circles

    One picture in a magazine
    And the world I knew with you is all gone
    One moment on a movie screen
    And I'm sure that you've been holding me down

    I was doing just fine when I met you
    You were doing just fine
    I've been wasting my time out here with you
    You've been wasting my time

    It's getting easier to walk away 
    From circles you paint on the ground
    Even as I turn and walk away
    Your circles keep spinning around and around

    One memory of a jaded past
    That's more than I could ever believe
    We were captured in a photograph
    As proof that you were somewhere with me


  • 03:30 Lyrics Angelina

    You got yourself in the game, it doesn't mean you won't blow it
    You had a plan all along, but half the time you don't show it
    I guess it's better than nothin'. If nothing ever seemed better
    So, go and hid when you cry if you don't want me to know it

    You're just fine when you're livin' the hard life
    But in the end you got nothin' to show

    Angelina, you're the reason, with everything you've done
    You got no right to fight it
    There's still time for an alibi, but you'll never win like that
    Angelina, you're the reason

    Instead of waiting in line, why don't you go our and get it
    That smile may be enough but we all find it pathetic
    That's why it sucks to be sober. You have to wake up and face it
    You can't hide what's inside, we'll never let you forget it

    You got friends that are livin' the same way
    But in the end they got nothin' to show


  • 04:01 Lyrics Afterglow

    Please don't make a scene
    The're taking notes on everything
    They're watching everything
    It's your one and only shot
    A level head is all you've got
    They're watching everything

    When they get what they deserve
    We'll stand and watch them...

    Burn. Everything in sight
    We'll radiate in firelight
    In the afterglow we'll stand and watch them..
    Burn. Everything you see
    We're burning down the memory
    In the afterglow we'll stand and watch them burn

    You didn't start this war
    This isn't what you signed up for
    What did you sign up for?
    It's not your turn to shine
    You'll to take your place in line
    Just form a quiet line


    Please don't make a scene
    The're taking notes on everything
    They're watching everything


  • 03:27 Lyrics Dunebuggy

    You got to feel it now
    C’mon a little closer let me show you how
    Just listen uhh
    Don’t wanna talk right now
    I just wanna have your body, touch it up and down
    Just give it up

    It’s not about
    It’s not about love
    it’s all about

    Show me your back I’ll be your master
    And if you wanna slow down I’ll go faster and faster
    Gonna drive you in the bedroom, I’ll be your dunebuggy
    Don’t lose your head, girl, we’ll be flyin’
    And if you wanna find out I’m gonna show who’s drivin
    Wanna ride you ‘round the bedroom, I’ll be your dunebuggy

    Gonna push it now
    Gonna touch your body, gonna lay you down
    Just do it uhh
    So bump your hips around
    Wanna get you movin’, slidin’ up and down
    To feel it uhh


    I got the feel
    Behind the wheel
    You get the shotgun
    I’m gonna drive it, drive it, drive it, drive it


  • 03:30 Lyrics Grudge

    Stop. Take it easy. Just talk this through
    We'll think this over
    You said and then you pushed me out the door
    Now I can hear you laughing

    Your perfect timing, right at the bell
    Down on the floor now
    Waiting for the ref to count em out
    And stop the beatin'

    You're my last grudge
    I won't let go of this one yet
    Your my last grudge
    I won't forgive you to forget
    Your my last grudge
    And now I've wasted all my time
    Your my last grudge
    Now I leave you far behind

    You pick up the bones now. Clean up the scene
    You hide all your secrets
    But I came in before the news got out
    Now I can hear you screamin'

    What was in front of me is now so far behind
    Does getting older mean and I've wasted all my time
    I just wanted her to miss me
    But then she turned and through it right back in my face



  • 03:42 Lyrics Villains in Love

    I don't want to have to fight back anymore, no no
    I don't want to eat my pride while you run the show, no no
    You say I gotta keep my head down
    I'm pissed about the things you say
    I don't want to have to fight back anymore, no no

    When we do try, it never come together right
    When it's over we don't say goodbye
    We're only villains in love
    We're just villains in love

    I won't try to make a comeback on my own, no no
    Don't try to find a way to reach me when I go, no no
    I cut and run into the weekend
    Pissed at all the things you say
    I won't try to make a comeback on my own, no no

    When we're OK, we never seem to settle down
    When it's over we just hang around
    We're only villains in love
    We're just villains in love

    I don't want to have to fight back anymore, no no

  • 04:19 Lyrics Life in Overdrive

    I gotta make my getaway from you
    I hit the highway and drive the whole night through
    Ninety miles an hour is what I need
    I just push the red and the music scream
    And I find when I drive, I don't need to be there with you
    I come alive when I pull away

    I can't stand all the foolish things you do
    You don't seem to care about anything but you
    But you never set your hooks in me
    Behind the wheel is where I'm finally free
    And I find every time that you try to get close to me
    I'll find a reason just to get away

    I turn the key and it's life in overdrive
    Gotta leave it all behind and find my way back to what I know
    You stole a piece of me
    I'll leave it here with you, but when I go
    I'll turn the key and it's life in overdrive

    You can try to keep me here with you
    You can wall me in, I'm gonna blow right through
    I drive like there's somewhere I should be
    Lights cut the night and freedom's all I see


  • 04:14 Lyrics Better Off Crowd

    (So) no one’s got their own opinion
    They just quote the lines
    And there’s nothing said that’s worth repeating

    The pattern that they all get cut to
    Will keep ‘em in the game
    Make ‘em tight and young, to fake the feeling
    What their cover-up can’t hide
    They keep that tucked away inside

    It’s a better off crowd than the one you’ve got now
    And you’d like to be, where everything comes easy
    It’s a better off crowd, in a better off town
    Where they never see exactly what they’re missing

    It’s everything they’ve ever wanted
    And nothing that they need
    So they dress it up. Make sure it looks right

    They brag about their monthly meltdown
    Like it’s the price they pay
    And they’re proud to have it hit the headline
    What’s kept hidden in disguise
    While they memorize their lines


  • 04:17 Lyrics Worthy Kings

    Do you remember when we thought we had it all?
    Blowing a hole through life like a cannonball
    Time was our friend even when we were stumbling
    We were worthy kings. Bathed in victory
    The years won't cave
    They force in from everywhere

    We were not supposed to be here anyway

    Young valiant warriors, we stood for everything
    Mocking the days we thought we were conquering
    Do you remember how we thought we'd built a wall?
    How we'd never yield? How we'd never fall?
    The days won't break
    They pour in from everywhere

    We were not supposed to be here anyway

    And we thought we had the time
    We dug in deep and held the line
    We believed in what we had
    What we took, it was justified
    And together we thought we'd built a wall
    We'd never lose. We'd never break
    We'd stand against them all


Hibernation Termination has the feel of an old-school power rock album that's simply meant to be played loud. The guitar-driven riffs and sing-along melodies sound fresh and new, yet somehow familiar. Black Belt Theatre does a nice job of wearing their influences proudly without sacrificing their own unique sound. The album has been described as sounding like "heavy Cheap Trick, played by the Foo Fighters with Frank Black on lead vocals." Maybe that's accurate. Maybe it's a bunch of meaningless bullshit. Regardless, this is a collection of finely crafted, catchy, hard-driving rock & roll.