by Black Belt Theatre

Released 2017
Released 2017
The anticipated second release. The band's vision is fully realized here, with further nods to classic power rock like Cheap Trick and UFO, but in a style all their own. Eight concise tunes dripping with sing-along melodies and loud guitars. ROCK!!!
  • 03:17 Lyrics A Beautiful Sound

    We don’t have to be young to get your head right
    If there’s a move and you’re looking for something new, Just keep an open mind
    Now everybody wants in. There ain’t no hard line
    Making good on a 25-to-life and blow it open wide

    It’s a beautiful sound we’ve been waiting to hear
    We are more than ready
    A suffering few that keep it alive
    Nobody move, don’t turn away
    Now we’re off and running
    It’s a beautiful sound we’ve been waiting to hear

    If just a couple kicked in, we’d get our act down
    It’s not enough to keep waiting for someone else to go another round
    We could stumble the walk and have a good time
    While we carry the load that we signed up for to the finish line

    First half of V1

  • 03:33 Lyrics Say What You Mean

    A little less conversation, a little more room to breathe
    Back up, give me just a minute
    Got my motivation. Got no place to be
    Right here and I want to take it

    You gotta let it out before we get down
    You gotta let it out and say what you mean
    Make it clear when you talk to me

    I got your invitation. Whatever you want from me
    Sit back, I need time to see it
    Found my inspiration hidden in a mystery
    About time that I finally freed it


  • 04:03 Lyrics Broken Lines

    You got to put it all behind you, or you’re going to find yourself alone
    Whatever’s going on inside you has left you far away from home
    Whatever keeps you grounded

    These broken lines you leave behind will never fade away
    They don’t forgive, they don’t forget
    And broken lines will still remind you when you lose your way
    Don’t make those promises just yet

    If there’s a way for you to break through, you got to find it on your own
    They’ve got a bid to overtake you soon. If there’s a chance then find a way
    To get out of this godforsaken place
    Whatever keeps you grounded


    So don’t turn around
    You’ll find you’re losing ground on what you left behind


    1st half of V1

  • 04:13 Lyrics Too Much, Too Soon

    Young life. Young dream.
    Tough kids don’t want to talk about tough things
    They fall. They fight.
    Decorated face live in black and white.

    They don’t want to live forever
    Fell in and they’re trying to break free
    These days all bleed together
    Once more might bring them to their knees

    Too much, too soon. But if it feels right, they won’t be coming home tonight.
    Too much, too soon. But not too much to lose

    Young look. Young scene.
    These punks don’t mess around with anything
    Cold heart. Cold night.
    Pretty painted visions with an appetite.

    They don’t want to live forever
    Time moves and they’re trying to break free
    These days all bleed together
    One more might bring them to their knees


  • 04:29 Lyrics Sucker for Money

    I’m taking off into overdrive. Angelina is still alive.
    She is right here, and I am right here.
    Other people get left behind. Used up and set aside.
    If it’s over, then I guess it’s over.

    You’re out, I know
    But I’m not letting go I told you
    So if you think you got me down.

    You’re never getting me out of here
    Cuz I’m a sucker for money
    You’ll never keep me away again
    Cuz I’m a sucker for money

    I’m coming back to wipe away another knock on another day
    And it’s alright if you think it’s alright
    And in the afterglow tonight, another weekend socialite
    Taking faithful to the firelight

    It’s not too late
    And I might hate what’s going on here
    But you never knocked me down


    This ain’t no two year blues
    I got a little bit more I can get into


  • 04:25 Lyrics You're Mine Tonight

    It’s late and I know
    You’ve got me under spell and I should go
    But we’re here and you say
    You’re gonna blow my mind if I do stay
    And we talk like we’re gonna get away with it somehow
    So we hide in the mellow bar light

    The evening gets shorter, but the feeling takes over
    We say a few lines and we slip away

    So at night we hide. In dark we come alive.
    We don’t call it love, but you’re mine tonight
    So at night we hide in the cover of these lies.
    We don’t call it love, but you’re mine tonight.

    Your face on my brain
    Has got me so confused that I can’t think
    And I wait for your sign. Excited just to see you in the street light
    And I know I should have walked away from it long ago
    So we move in the middle of the night


    It’s late and I know
    You’ve got me under spell and I should go
    But we’re here and you say we’ll be fine in the shadows.

  • 04:23 Lyrics I Killed Your Love

    You had me but I killed your love
    You won’t leave, so I killed your love
    Let go my broken queen, into the sweetest dream
    You’re headed home tonight
    I killed your love and said goodbye

    I’ve done everything to make everything
    Just like we talked about, but we took it nowhere
    So, here we go again. A little too far again
    You tried to tear me down but now that it’s over

    I’m not cut out to be your man
    No one can if I can’t


    Here’s what I’ve got for you. You’ll find comfort soon
    Tonight I’ll set you free if you just surrender
    I’m sorry that it went this way. I told you there’s a price to pay
    Let downs and sour dreams are gone forever


    I’ve done everything to make everything
    Just like we talked about when you were still around


  • 04:53 Lyrics It's Over

    You can get on the telephone making all your secret moves
    We’re the ones who made it worth the time
    You’re not getting it on your own. You’ve got way too much to prove
    If you’re feeling tough enough tonight

    What comes around is nothing we can’t live down

    It’s over. Run for cover, run for cover
    It’s over. Take a number, another number
    It’s over. Someone better draw the line

    You came in on a fantasy with your plans laid out at night
    Company man hanging by a string
    We could get there eventually if we all just fall in line
    Pull together banging what we need

    Chorus (repeat)

The summer of 2017 brought the release of "Superbitch", the second album from Milwaukee's Black Belt Theatre. It's quite possible that this is the most straightforward, old school rock & roll record you've heard in a while.
The common thread that ties the four band members together is their love for late 70’s/early 80’s power rock. Think Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, UFO, April Wine, etc. Throw in modern influences like Danko Jones, Eagles of Death Metal and the like, and you have a recipe for a fresh, but somehow familiar sound. This direction was taking its early form with their debut, "Hibernation Termination". With this follow-up, it has come into full focus. "Superbitch" sounds like “now”, but it will remind you of “then”.